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Product Advantages
Functionality / Efficiency Related
  • Testwell Intelligent Power Saving System
    Improves DUT burn-in energy efficiency (ex: LD 100mA@2V, from 40% to approx. 70%)
  • LD/PD parameter monitoring and recording
    Independent channel switching function for LD current source.
    LD current/voltage monitoring
    Adjustable and fine-tunable MPD reverse bias (supports different pin positions) and MPD Im monitoring
    Monitoring MPD Im for independent of the panel test board anode processing aging and short circuits, normal operations are still functionable.
  • Pin selection via software, no jumper required
  • Fast LIV scanning
    One-slot DUT LIV scanning, data recording and calculation of Ith <6min (0~120mA, 0.5mA step)
  • Intelligent Internet access function
    Compatible with the client's custom software to upload testing status to host computer, can be monitored in the main control room or remote state.
    Compatible with the client's custom software to upload testing status to Data Base
Protection-related: Testwell Intelligent Protection System Component Protection, System Protection
  • Adjustable Complaint Voltage System
    Components with adjustable upper voltage limit to protect DUT from potential over-voltage damage
  • Open/Short Auto Detection & Turning Off
    Automatic detection of open/short circuit and current source shut-down for DUT protection
  • Hot-swappable support
    Prevents surges caused by poor contact between aging connectors
  • Power Trip Protection System
    During system trips, system remains active for a few seconds before switching off current source
  • Wire Break / Signal Break / Over Temperature Protection System
    If the control signal module fails or if the computer crashes or if the communication cable becomes loose or if the oven overheats, current source will be switched off for protection.
  • Data Continuity System
    In case of power failure / crash / abnormality resulting in burn-in process interruption, after eliminating the situation, automatic data succession can be restored to the last recording point after restarting the machine.